We are aware there has been a technical issue with a number of direct debits that were due on the 1st and 2nd April. We are working to rectify the problem and customers need take no further action. Payments will be taken automatically on the 7th or 8th April. We sincerely apologise to all of our customers for any inconvenience caused. If you believe you have been impacted by this problem and have any concerns please contact us on 02380 215298, or by email to collections@southernfinance.co.uk


Q: My card wasn’t returned by the ATM, can I have it back?

A: All cards retained at our ATMs are removed and securely destroyed. Unfortunately, Capital Investment Bank is unable to return a retained card. Please contact your card issuer to request a new card. We always recommend that you contact your card issuer immediately when your card is retained. For out of hours help, please call 046 020 6520.


Q: What is Dynamic Currency Conversion?

A: Capital Investment Bank offers a service known as Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC). This means that when an eligible card is identified as coming from outside Belgium, we will offer to carry out conversion of the transaction value into the currency associated with the card. You will be presented with the applicable exchange rate and the total amount to be debited from your account. If you choose not to allow Capital Investment Bank to carry out the conversion, the transaction will proceed in euros and the conversion will be carried out by your card issuer.


Q: Will I be charged a fee for withdrawing euros or US dollars from a Capital Investment Bank ATM?

A: Capital Investment Bank will not charge a fee for your transaction but your card issuer may. Where possible, the exchange rate and total billing amount will be clearly displayed on screen during the transaction and you will be able to cancel the transaction at this point.


Q: How can I find the exchange rate for euro or US dollar withdrawals?

A: Where possible, the exchange rate and total billing amount will be displayed on screen at the time of the transaction when you have selected the amount you wish to withdraw. You will be offered the option to proceed with or to cancel the transaction at this point.


Q: I didn’t receive the cash I requested, what do I do?

A: Please contact your own card issuer. They will be able to confirm whether your account has been debited and can raise a claim on your behalf with Capital Investment Bank for any funds owing. Your card issuer will be able to keep you informed through to resolution.

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