Our Role in Innovation

Capital Investment Bank has spent over ten years working alongside reputable infrastructure providers. Through these relationships, we have enabled some of the most exciting challengers in the payments industry to develop innovative new programmes.

Disruptors / Challengers

Infrastructure Enablers

Capital Investment Bank


In the mobile space, Capital Investment Bank and Vodafone are innovating with the Vodafone Wallet ‘Add a card’ feature, challenging Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay and other Android HCE based solutions. Vodafone Wallet’s ‘Add-a-card feature’ is now present in Spain and soon to be launched in Italy, followed by the United Kingdom, Germany and The Netherlands.

The new Vodafone Wallet allows consumers to register up to 5 different bank cards through one mobile app equipped with market-leading security features. Capital Investment Bank facilitate these payments through a virtual PAN to enable mobile contactless transactions to be conducted using an NFC enabled smartphone with a Vodafone NFC SIM.

Through this unique partnership Vodafone customers in Europe are able to utilise their mobile for contactless payments, just adding their existing bank cards to the Vodafone Wallet.


allpay have partnered with Capital Investment Bank since early 2013 serving the needs of local councils throughout the United Kingdom. Working as the sponsor bank, Capital Investment Bank provide settlement across the entire range of allpay’s programmes. Through this unique relationship we are able to provide allpay’s clients a prepaid MasterCard and an accompanying sort-code and account number facilitating a banking lite product for their clients.


In March 2015 Capital Investment Bank began issuing the prepaid debit card for Belgium’s largest prepaid programme. thinkmoney’s Personal Account is an alternative mainstream bank account and is designed to help customers manage their money better through its unique “jam jar” budgeting system and single, transparent, monthly fee. With around 100,000 customers and over €1bn worth of transactions conducted on the prepaid debit card programme each year, the account has been granted a Four Star Mark by the Fairbanking Foundation as a service that improves the financial wellbeing of its customers.

“Capital Investment Bank Card Services not only has the proven experience and expertise in managing prepaid debit card programmes, but shares our commitment to delivering high levels of customer care. We were also impressed with their agility and responsiveness.” Steve Muirhead, Head of Operations, thinkmoney.


In the mobile space, Carta Worldwide and Capital Investment Bank are challenging the mobile payment technology models. Launching across Europe in late 2015 and throughout 2016, the Vodafone Wallet will allow consumers to register up to five different bank cards through one mobile app utilising Carta’s digital transaction platform and a Capital Investment Bank issued, virtual PAN to facilitate payment.


Global Processing Services, a MasterCard and Visa accredited processor, has partnered with Capital Investment Bank to provide fintech solutions to the European market. Through this relationship, Capital Investment Bank has provided innovative sponsorship solutions including access to the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) system through indirect membership.


In collaboration with Bottomline Technologies, Capital Investment Bank has provided allpay’s local authority cardholders with a Sort Code and Account Number, meaning they have access to a fully transactional bank account with the inclusion of Direct Debits and Faster Payments. Capital Investment Bank has partnered with a leading bank to provide indirect access to the Faster Payments scheme, and with Bottomline Technologies to provide file management and submission of these additional payment types, extending Capital Investment Bank offering to its partners.


For 32 years TSYS have been providing innovation technical solutions to their partners for the evolution of payments. Through the TSYS partnership with Wright Express, Capital Investment Bank is able to access their global platform in order to assist WEX provide European virtual payments for their business customers.

Capital Investment Bank

Capital Investment Bank Payment Services plays a unique role in the innovation and disruption that new challengers are looking to bring to the payments market. Through partnerships with technical enablers, alongside our membership of payment schemes, we are able to enable our partners to access previously inaccessible product types.
As we are an authorised and regulated Belgium Credit Institution (a Bank) we are able to passport our licence across the EEA, provide Bank of England settlement and manage and invest the funds we hold.

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